National High School Dance Festival

March 3-6, 2016

Pittsburgh, PA

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for your overwhelming response for acceptance into the 2014 National High School Dance Festival.This year, we have had the largest number of schools apply, ever, in our 26 year history. We are thrilled about this outpouring BUT it has also presented a problem. We are approaching full capacity, and have begun a Wait List, pending verification of attendance and final adjudication.

We would like to suggest that schools bring a maximum of 20 students and ask that each school please email an accurate account of the number of students you are planning on bringing to Tricia Ortega at tortega@mdc.edu as soon as possible. (It may be the same number but please tell us anyway). All we need is (a) the School name and location and (b) the number of students/teachers/chaperones you intend to bring.

After December 19 (the date when Adjudication results are published) we can tell you whether your participation is guaranteed or whether you are on the Wait list. As is stated clearly in the Festival Invitation letter: "Schools accepted to perform will have priority registration until January 6, 2014." (This date has been moved up to December 19 to give you more time to finalize travel plans.)

Please be assured that you do NOT have to be a performer in the Festival in order to attend the Festival. The majority of schools who sent in registration early WILL be in the festival whether performing or not.

One suggestion: You should proceed with caution regarding making final air travel plans until the December 19 date.

Schools who have not registered will not be considered for adjudication.

The vast majority of you who have already sent in your Initial Festival Registration information will be able to participate. We will do our very best to accommodate as many students and schools as is physically possible.

Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm.

All the best.


Dr. Kathryn Kearns,
Founder/Executive Director, NHSDF

Festival Invitation

For information contact Founder/Executive Director Dr. Kathryn Kearns
Phone 215.848.7576
Fax 215.881.7450