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 Closing Ceremonies

The 2025 NHSDF closing ceremonies will be held on Sunday, March 2, 2025 in the Byham Theater located in Downtown, Pittsburgh. The closing ceremonies award numerous scholarships to students. 

2023 NHSDF Closing Ceremony Highlights:

Garfield Closing Ceremonies.HEIC

"You have experienced so many classes, so many concerts, many of you have made new friends and you've had opportunities to speak with college recruiters from all across the country. We hope that you've enjoyed your stay here in Pittsburgh and at Point Park University."

Garfield Lemonius, Dean and Artistic Director of the Conservatory of Performing Arts at Point Park University

Scholarships were awarded at the closing ceremonies by the Scholarship Committee. Thank you to all organizations and institutions for your generosity! 


"Our host schools are paramount, of course, but the faculty and recruiters who donate their teaching, their scholarships, and their expertise to the students is of equal importance."

Dr. Kathryn Kearns, Founder and Executive Director of the National High School Dance Festival

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