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2023 National High School Dance Festival
March 1-5, 2023
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Hosted by

The festival welcomes high school students, grades 9-12, representing the programs in their high schools from around the United States and abroad. Registered students will participate in auditions for university scholarships, concerts, 200 plus master classes and exciting opening/closing ceremonies! Our opening gala performers are world-renowned, Complexions Contemporary Ballet

 Festival Schedule 

Please note: this is a tentative schedule that is subject to change. 

Class registration: February 13 - 27, 2023

Information regarding class registration was sent on Monday, February 13th. 

 COVID Policy 

Participants of the festival are not mandated to be vaccinated, although it is recommended. Participants are also not mandated to wear masks, although this too, is recommended.  

 Access to Buildings 

Remember: all festival participants will need to wear the provided lanyard/badge to gain access to all festival locations, including all Theaters. 

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